Beginning Modern C# and .Net DevelopmentBack

Upon completion of We Can Code IT’s Beginning Modern C#/.Net Development microcredential, the student has acquired a comprehensive skill set in C# programming and .NET framework integration. They have learned essential concepts such as SOLID programming principles, architectural patterns, and MVC pattern utilization. By earning this microcredential, the graduate has gained additional programming skills to add to their current arsenal of software development knowledge.


  • Proficiency in developing C# Core applications.
  • Understanding of SOLID programming principles.
  • Knowledge of architectural patterns for building scalable applications.
  • Ability to utilize MVC pattern for frontend development.
  • Competence in implementing REST APIs and SSA.
  • Familiarity with the advantages of Entity Framework.
  • Proficiency in implementing unit testing using Bogus and Mock.

Earning Criteria

  • Skills are assessed via projects and participation.
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