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We Can Code IT’s Cybersecurity Foundations course offers a comprehensive introduction to the field, covering key principles and practices essential for understanding and navigating the cybersecurity landscape. Beginning with a historical perspective to underscore its significance, the course progresses to explore fundamental concepts such as computer basics, internet workings, and networking essentials. Additionally, students gain insights into pivotal standards and models crucial for developing secure systems.


  • Understanding the significance of cybersecurity and its role in safeguarding digital assets.
  • Exploring the history of cyber attacks, various attack types, and effective prevention strategies.
  • Getting acquainted with computer hardware components, networking essentials, and basic security protocols.
  • Overview of crucial cybersecurity topics including security skills, defense strategies, threat hunting, vulnerability management, and the concept of Zero Trust.
  • Learning cybersecurity best practices, including adherence to Common Criteria and NIST guidelines.

Earning Criteria

  • Skills are assessed via projects and participation.


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