Data Analysis Fundamentals Using ExcelBack

Upon completing We Can Code IT’s Data Analytics Fundamentals Using Excel course, the student earns a badge marking their mastery of essential data analytics skills. Emphasizing practical application, the course covers Excel basics, data processing, and visualization techniques. Through hands-on labs, students learn to manipulate data effectively, preparing them for real-world scenarios. This badge signifies readiness to tackle data challenges and make informed decisions using Excel.


    • Proficiency in Excel terminology, components, and operations.
    • Ability to manipulate and clean raw data using Excel functions and formulas.
    • Understanding of advanced data analysis techniques such as PivotTables, conditional formatting, and filters.
    • Competence in data visualization through the creation of various chart types and visual representations.
    • Skill in interpreting data insights and making informed decisions based on analytical findings.
    • Experience in practical application through hands-on lab activities, reinforcing theoretical knowledge with real-world scenarios.
    • Familiarity with data processing tasks including data cleanup, removing duplicates, and text-to-columns conversions.

Earning Criteria

  • Skills are assessed via projects and participation.
Badge Points:

Steps to achieve

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