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We Can Code IT SQL Credential

Data increases exponentially with over 1.134 trillion MB of data created daily! To learn from this data, you need to be skilled in the TOP data programming language, SQL. “SQL in 24” is a fast-paced, straightforward introduction to SQL (all versions), the most common language used in querying databases and the TOP programming language in terms of number of job listings! 



  • Database basics, SQL/NoSQL, and database design
  • Installation and setting up a development environment
  • Creating tables and inserting data
  • Retrieving data and updating data
  • Sorting and filtering data
  • Working with different data types
  • Combining tables
  • Aggregate functions and transactions
  • Triggers, automation and views
  • Building a SQL application in Javascript

Earning Criteria

  • Your skills will be assessed via quizzes and tests regarding your learnings and a general understanding of the projects you have created.
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