PreSkill Funding Options

 We offer various funding options to our students. A few of these funding opportunities include IMAP, NTI, paying on your own, and NCUS. The IMAP scholarship is awarded to Ohio resident students who are low-income, underemployed, or unemployed. The Neighborhood Transformation Initiative grant (NTI) is dedicated to students who live in certain underprivileged areas.  The program is focused on reaching low-to-middle income Cleveland residents residing in Glenville, Buckeye-Shaker, Clark-Fulton, and 79th- Kingsman/Central neighborhoods. Finally, paying on your own allows you to pay a one-time tuition payment on your own. If you decide to carry on with our full-time program after PreSkill, you can apply $1500 of your payment towards the full-stack bootcamp under the IT Readiness Grant. 


If you are unable to afford PreSkill: Introduction to Programming, we have some options for you. IMAP, NTI, and NCUS scholarships are currently available to select Ohioans. To see if you qualify, please fill out the form linked below!

Pay on Your Own (Receive Grant for ReSkill)

Interested in starting with PreSkill prior to attending We Can Code IT's ReSkill: Full-stack coding bootcamp? $1500 of your PreSkill tuition can be applied towards your coding bootcamp tuition! Learn more from our admissions team!

Try it for FREE

Want to give PreSkill a whirl before committing? No worries! You can start the first of 4 classes, Coding Fundamentals, right now for free! Coding Fundamentals is a self-paced on-demand course that walks you through high-level concepts using a fun drag-and-drop editor.