3-AI and SQL

3-AI and SQL

As you must very well know, recently there has been a lot of excitement over AI. The applications and capabilities of AI has been expanding tremendously and we now have tools that are showing powerful abilities in code completion. Meaning it is able to create code when it’s given detailed instructions to do so.

Currently OpenAI is a leader in this area and getting a lot of attention. Founded in 2015, they have a non-profit AI research lab, and also a for-profit arm for the commercial use of their technologies. Their mission is promoting and developing a “friendly AI” and to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.

They have been the main driver in creating powerful generative AI, which is different from traditional AI that is focused on recognizing, identifying or categorizing, also known as discriminative AI. Generative AI is when the AI creates/generates “new” content based on intelligence.

The reason we’re bringing up AI in a SQL course is because understanding AI and how it impacts us is important, but also it is helpful to explore how AI is impacting SQL.

For this assignment, please try ChatGPT’s playground and try asking it to create SQL code.

You will have to create an ID and verify it before being able to use it.

Above is an example of how powerful it could be!