We will have two assignments that you will have to create ER Diagrams. You could use any tool (Google Sheets, PowerPoint, even Paint!) to do this, and it doesn’t have to be pretty. If you search for “Online ER Diagram Tool“, you could easily find a lot of online tools that have simple ways and templates to create ER Diagrams. Miro is one of them and even in the free Miro version, you could search for a ER Diagram template and you should be good to go!

Below is a screen shot of Miro where you could choose the relationship for each side.

First Assignment

For this assignment, please create an ER diagram for a database for a television series.

There will be a “season” table with a primary key, and a season number.

There will be an “episode” table with a primary key, episode name and episode number.

There will be a “character” table with a primary key, and character name.

A character could be in multiple episodes. An episode could have multiple characters.

An episode could be in only one season. A season could have multiple episodes.

Second Assignment

For this assignment, imagine that you are creating a database for soft drinks. You want to capture in this database different soft drinks from different countries and different manufacturers. You want to also capture that for the same soft drink there could be variations.

How would you design an ER diagram to capture this data?